Glossary A-B

Acid free tissue: do not contain lignin and are made from high quality pulp. Un-buffered tissue is used with protein-based materials (wool, silk, leather, fur) and other materials sensitive to alkali (silver, color photos). Buffered tissues have a component added to push the pH to neutral or alkaline range, which can help scavenge acidic pollutants. Choose un-buffered when content is mixed or unknown, or its somewhat softer qualities are preferred. Its hygroscopic qualities can help stabilize relative humidity within a closed envelope. Machine-made rolls 30-60” wide; pre-cut sheets up to 30" x 40”. Weights range from 9 to 18 lb.

Blue board: Common term for acid free, lignin-free, buffered corrugated cardboard, typically light blue, grey or white in color. Available in single and double wall thicknesses and several fluting patterns. Has good hygroscopic and buffering properties. pH ranges from 7.5 as high as 9.5. Check manufacturer’s specs. Used for some shipping and many storage purposes. Blueboard is a versatile boxmaking material, and is also used to craft inserts, dividers, backings and supports, and to line drawers and shelves. Like all corrugated products, it is stronger in one direction, which can be mitigated by cross-laminating sheets, or taken advantage of when forming boxes or inserts.

Bubble Wrap: Polyethylene, polyvinylidene chloride, or polyvinyl chloride films sandwiched to create compartments of various sizes into which air is injected. Rolls up to 72” wide. Bubble sizes 1/4” to 2“ diameter; typically 3/16”, 5/16” and ½”. Perforations optional ( e.g. every 12”).

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Whether you're new to the art-collecting scene or your house doubles as a gallery for acquisitions, you must call on a storage and installation company you trust. Unified Fine Arts lists dozens of local galleries and private collectors—including The Rachofsky House—as clients. Plus, their 17,000-square-foot warehouse has all the latest in security and fire control.

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