Glossary C-D

Cardboard: Comes in many forms: corrugated, flat, rolled, single wall, double wall, triple wall, and boxes. Most cardboard is corrugated layers with a paper lining on at least one side. Wall refers to the number of layers of corrugation. Test refers to the amount of pressure per square inch the material will withstand without puncturing. (The most common is 200 or 275 test.) It is a paper product and does have a high acid content. It is excellent for using as a protective barrier for objects. It can be cut or scored with a knife to create almost any shape. Unified stocks sheet sizes 48” x 96” and 86” x 90”.

Collar box: a packing method in which a custom cardboard “frame” is created to fit snuggly around the edges of an unframed two dimensional work of art. Dartek or poly sheeting are stretched across the cardboard edges (3” above the face) creating a sealed package. Tyvek tape is used as an acid free buffer where the work and the cardboard come into contact with one another. For larger works of art twill tape is tied around the collar box prior to adding the poly sheeting or Dartek in order to prevent the material from sagging into the piece.

Coroplast®: (or corrugated plastic) - A tough, rigid, inert and chemically stable corrugated plastic made from a copolymer of polypropylene and polyethylene. Resistant to water, oils and solvents. Can be die cut, sawn, scored, folded, drilled, stapled, spot/heat welded, glued, or fixed with nails or screws. Often used in storage applications as an alternative to acid free corrugated cardboard (‘blueboard’). Can be formed into boxes suitable for storage and transit. It is an excellent backing material for paintings and framed works on paper providing a valuable alternative to conventional foam core or blueboard. Due to its water and puncture resistant qualities, is also used to cover the open space in transit frames and hybrid crates.

Dartek®: A Dupont product cast nylon film with ‘saran-wrap’-like feel and clarity. Softer and more pliable than Mylar or glassine, and tear-resistant, with good release properties. Maintains characteristics across a wide temperature range. Capable of absorbing up to 10% or its weight in moisture. C-917 type? has no plasticizers, additives or surface coatings. More expensive than glassine, which it typically replaces. Dartek® is a replacement for glassine when wrapping paintings that are susceptible to tackiness and abrasion. Works best as an object wrap in situations where moisture and heat can be avoided as it can stick to objects under certain conditions. Adheres with hot melt or double sided tape to other surfaces, or to itself or other plastics using a heated spatula or tacking iron. It is water clear instead of slightly milky like LDPE and “breathes” - a good storage dust cover where light transmission is not an issue.

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