Glossary S-T

Slipcase: a packing method in which a custom cardboard box is created to fit over an already soft packed work of art. Used for local, regional, and national transit via art shuttle as well as storage.

Soft pack: a basic packing method used to protect two dimensional framed art consisting of enveloping the work in poly sheeting or Dartek and taping folded bubble wrap to all the frame’s edges. Generally used for local transit and storage.

Stretch Wrap: Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) - Widths from 2” to 30” can be used with or without a variety of handles; thicknesses range from 60 to 120 gauge (80 gauge is most common). Initially used by shippers to stabilize loose boxes on pallets. Adapted by fine arts packers to secure moving blankets to large objects and furniture. Smaller widths used successfully to secure delicate objects inside of inner boxes. Increasingly used to add extra layer of protection to crates. Each layer of stretch adds an additional layer of “springiness”. When used thoughtfully this allows for precise levels of restraint for even the lightest, most delicate objects. Used less carefully, it can snap legs on chairs from accumulated force.

Tyvek® Soft Structure: (Soft Tyvek) Spunbonded high density polyethylene (HDPE/olefin) fibers manufactured by DuPont to form a non woven fabric. "Type 14" styles are thinner and more pliable than "Type 10" styles ("crate liner"), but are also lightweight, chemically stable, non-abrasive, tear resistant and water resistant while remaining vapor permeable – it “breathes”. "Type 16" styles have perforations for extra breathe-ability, but are less of a barrier. All are non-dusting, resist mold/mildew, pH neutral. Rolls 30” and 60” wide and 10 to 100 yds long. Often used to cover foam pads or line cavities in contour cut foam, or as a primary wrapping material. It is also used as a light-blocking dust cover and can be sewn or heat-welded to create form-fitting covers. Also used to make filled bags or snakes to conform to and stabilize objects while being moved.

Tyvek® Hard Structure: (Crate Liner, Tyvek® HardwrapTM) - Spunbonded from filaments of 100% high-density polyethylene (HDPE /olefin) by DuPont. It is chemically stable, mold and mildew resistant, lint-free, acid-free, and has a smooth surface. Resistant to wetting (billed as "waterproof"), but it allows transmission of moisture and vapor. "Type 10" styles are stiffer than garment-weight "soft" (Type 14) or perforated (Type 16) styles. Rolls 36” to 60” wide and up to 100 yds long. Thicknesses: 1025 type is 6.6 mils, 1020 type is 7.3 to 7.6 mils. Various sizes of pre-made folders, media sleeves, envelopes and expansion envelopes. A high-strength barrier and wrapping material. Also used as a handling support for textiles, and to make non-abrasive, tear-resistant envelopes and media sleeves.

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