32’ x 16’ Tapestry, The Parish Episcopal School

For this complex installation of a large tapestry measuring 32’H x 16’W, we rigged and lifted it 38’ in the air inside the school’s cafeteria and secured it in place using Velcro and concrete anchors (tap-cons). Unified designed a special clamping mechanism to hold the tapestry at the top so that it would unroll gradually as we lifted it up. Once the piece was lifted to the top using cantilevered I-beams and custom-built 60’ chain falls, the client visually guided its placement and the crew performed the installation from a 20’L x 10’W platform placed on top of a 32’ tower. The scaffold allowed us to work in one place while we lifted the tapestry from the I-beams attached to it.
11 April 2008, 22:46