Paloma McGlothlin

Client Services Representative

From the time she was young, Paloma was raised with heavy influence from the art world. She would spend many evenings running through art galleries and visiting museums with an enthusiasm not many others had at that age. With her father an artist and her mother an art handler, when she wasn’t looking at art-she was hearing about it. This would shape her fascination and appreciation for all things related to art.
Paloma moved to Northwest Arkansas for school and quickly became immersed in the beauty of the state and closeness of the community. She would dive into the art, food, and beverage world and lean into the creative spaces that the up and coming area had to offer. Upon moving back home to Dallas, she pursued a small business venture in the beverage realm, coupled with working in the art industry that would remain a large part of her life.
Since joining Unified in late 2020, she has developed a deeper appreciation for the logistics involved in exhibitions and has been able to expand her knowledge on the inner workings of fine arts services. She works with customers on a daily basis to help organize the behind the scenes of the art spaces we all know and love.