David Romero

General Manager

David joined Unified Fine Arts in 2012.

He obtained management experience from leading a team in the manufacturing of eyeglasses in an optical lab for several years. This gained David the expertise for detail oriented handling and finesse for handling fragile items. Over the years, David has learned how to manage his resources to maintain efficiency and excellence in providing outstanding service for all of our customers’ needs.

He acquired hands-on art handling experience by being a lead handler on large projects and museum installations for many years. David worked his way up the ranks first as an art handler lead, then Operations Manager and now is the General Manager at Unified Fine Arts. He occasionally still goes out in the field to assist crews when needed, and to ensure that the services that Unified provides are unrivaled. 

When David is not assisting on projects or working in his office, he enjoys camping trips with his family or firing up the grill for a weekend BBQ.