Our Team


The best in the Fine Arts business

Our logo is three connected squares for a very good reason. Our three founders, David Jensen, Ross Cotts, and Victor Bissonnette, decided to meld their talents to form a company supported by a mutual belief. That the work comes first. Victor and his team carry on that philosophy today, with David having retired in 2015 and with Ross here in spirit.

In the time since its inception, Unified Fine Arts has built a formidable team of art-handling experts. Each new employee has built his or her skills under the careful tutelage of Victor and his core group of leaders. Every job has unique challenges. Our team’s many talents qualify us to solve these challenges and deliver perfectly every time. Security, loyalty, and discretion are our watchwords. Add that to a singular commitment to service and it’s easy to see why our clients turn to us time after time. 

The strength of our many talents

At Unified Fine Arts, our people are a uniquely cohesive group. Our high regard for our clients extends to deep respect for one another. While every Unified team member is crucial to getting the work done, meet a few of our key players.

We deliver more

Not only are we the best at handling and storing art and installing exhibitions, but we’re happy to wear as many hats as it takes to deliver the absolute best in service. We’ll meet you at the door every visit, set up private viewings in our viewing room, and watch over your art with the perfectionism of a conservator. We take pride in our discretion and take every precaution to keep your art collection private. And we deliver whatever it takes to please our extremely discerning clientele.

In fact, we’ve even been known to change a client’s tire on occasion.