Pedro Gonzalez

Lead Art Handler

Pedro Gonzalez is a veteran, lead art handler with over 6 years experience in the DFW Fine Art Services Market. Prior to entering the industry he honed translatable skills by working as a design assistant and carpenter in the floral industry and was a warehouse lead for 3 years.

Since Pedro joined Unified in late 2020 he has worked his way into a lead handler position and has continued to progress in other areas of our business specifically in regards to handling artifacts and other older, more fragile objects.

Pedro’s even keeled demeanor is one of his strong suits as it allows him to keep a steady, calm balance while working with his crews and our clients.

When Pedro is not handling art his interests include working out and playing baseball with his son. He’s also a cinematography enthusiast, an Autism awareness advocate, and he’s the founder and a member of a SciFi book club.