Our Space

Built to exceed museum standards

The minute you walk through the doors, you can tell this place is different. The pristine white walls and expansive modern design are more reminiscent of an art museum than an ordinary storage facility. Throughout, you’ll see an unwavering commitment to quality. And for good reason.

Floor to ceiling, we created every inch of our facility to house treasured artworks and collections from museums, galleries, and private collectors across the country.  No detail was overlooked in construction – because fine art deserves the finest place to call home. Whether for a week or for a decade or more.

At our primary location, our three docks are specially designed for loading and unloading art. Doors are 12’ x 12’ and two are dock-high, with one ramped for indoor access. The docks are covered for protection from the weather. The drive-in area is built full size to accommodate large-scale sculptures. And all art enters and exits the storage space through a secure staging area. 

In the summer of 2021, we updated our main facility on Inwood Road by adding a new roof, and we expanded our logistics and non-climate services by adding a 26,000 sq. ft facility five miles away in Carrollton, TX. More information on this new space to come!