African Marble Statue

Rigging, crating, and relocation of the work to a private residence in East Texas. Due to the location of the work within the living room of the house, we had to cantilever our gantry crane in order to position the hoist directly above the work. Prior to any of this happening, it's a painstaking process of moving any and all items in our path and to completely cover the floor to and from the door. Our work area was first covered with 1/8" masonite followed by 1/2" plywood in order to disperse the weight of the crane and sculpture. Once we had the hoist in place, we lifted the work and rolled the crane and sculpture backwards about 4ft. We then lowered the work onto its custom made pallet and built the slat crate around the piece. At this point, we rolled the work out and loaded it into our air ride/climate controlled box truck. Finally, we removed all the dunnage, equipment, and materials.

Private residence – Farmers Branch, Texas

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Marble Sculpture
~1,200 lbs
Custom-Made Pallet


Prep/Logistics – 4 hours
Rigging/De-installation – 6 hours
Tear down – 4 hours


Cantilevered Gantry Crane
3500 lbs. Hoist
Protective Flooring