John Brough Miller “Wind Sweep” 1990-1999

Rigging, transportation, and installation of the work on a berm in a traffic circle on the corporation's campus. We used a 12K (capacity) articulating reach forklift to rig and maneuver the work from our flatbed trailer to the installation site. Once we were at the site, we had to re-rig the work in order to stand it upright and into position on the concrete foundation that we'd had poured a couple of weeks prior. Once the curator of the collection was satisfied with its placement, we secured the work to the foundation with all thread bolts and epoxy.

Corporate collection – McKinney, Texas

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192″ x 88″ x 52″
~3500 lbs


Planning – 2 months


12K (Capacity) Articulating Reach Forklift
Custom Concrete Base
Load-Bearing, Secured Foundation